By Judy Jessee








Images of trash clean up

The happy cleaners of Fairbanks

It's actually kind of fun and rewarding!
Some of it is a bit tricky to get to
Lots of groups get together to do it
Families too
Stopping to pose for a quick photo
Look what we just did!
Groups of school kids pitch in
Gives me an excuse to wear my cowboy hunting hat
Companies in Fairbanks give employees the day off to help
Don't think the pickup will fit in the yellow bag
Hope there isn't a dead body in that big bag
Wouldn't want Santa to see this trash!
Quite a days work!
No our teeth are not in the yellow bags
My dog helps me find it
Try not to get in a wreck or run over doing this job
This is better than working
Everyone can do it
It's been a long day, don't know if I can lift another one
It's a long road
Ran out of the yellow ones
Wow does that look better
Fairbanks is beautiful once again!
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